On Demand Parking Spaces for iOS x Spaces

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Never Waste Time/Gas/Money on Searching for a Parking Space Again!


Parallel allows hosts to rent out their private driveway or parking spots at an hourly rate, creating cheaper, more convenient parking options for those tired of overpaying for event parking or searching street after street for a tight spot.

Parallel is easy to use:
- Pan around the map or search a specific location.
- Select your parking spot and enter how long you intend to be there.
- Just tap park and follow the guided route to your parking spot.

Avoid pricey parking lots and damage to your car. Save time, money and your sanity -- park with Parallel.

So, what's needed to get started

Your Store/Company's Branding (Logo and Color Scheme) + Apple Developers Account

I can also offer

  • Single Use License for $5000 in 7 days
  • Super Fast Exclusive Rights for $5000 in 1 day

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